Keynote 1: Smart Buildings and a Connected Smart City
Saifur Rahman, PhD
Joseph Loring Professor of electrical engineering

Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute
Arlington, Virginia, USA

 Biography: Professor Saifur Rahman is the founding director of the Advanced Research Institute ( at Virginia Tech, USA where he is the Joseph R. Loring professor of electrical and computer engineering. He also directs the Center for Energy and the Global Environment ... (Read more) 

Abstract: A smart building has a much higher value proposition if it can function in the context of a smart city in a connected community. It can then contribute more to a community and improve the environment its occupants work in. In order to make urban living more safe, secure and environmentally sustainable, we focus on environment governance, public safety, city planning, industry facilitation, resource utilization, energy conservation, traffic control, telemedicine, homecare, interpersonal communications, social activities ... (Read more)


Keynote 2Photovoltaic and water:  submerged and floating solutions

Giuseppe M. Tina 

Giuseppe Marco TINA (D.I.E.E.I, University of Catania, Italy)

Biography:MS, Electrotechnics Engineering, 1988 University of Catania (UdC) Italy; Ph.D., Electrotechnics Engineering, 1992, UdC. Currently he is associate Professor of Electric Energy Systems at UdC. National Academic Qualification as Full Professor (2013). Electrical engineer in Agip Refineries and ST Microelectronics, Italy (1993-1996). ... (Read more) 

AbstractThe use of photovoltaic systems in a water context creates positive synergy by increasing the cost effectiveness of PV systems, satisfying local demand for energy and creating positive effects on water (e.g. by limiting evaporation and the algae bloom problem). It is usually systems installed on the mainland that are considered, but nowadays the need to further exploit PV technology requires the search for new solutions. The aim of this keynote speech is to present the main issues that can attract the interest  ... (Read more)

 Keynote 3: The great promise of single-wall carbon nanotubes as an effective nanomaterial for photovoltaic applications

Prof. My Ali El Khakani 

Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique(INRS), Centre-Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications, Université du Québec, Canada

Biography: My Ali El Khakani is a Full-Professor and the Leader of the “NanoMat” Group, he founded in 1998 at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-Energie, Materiaux et Telecommunications, Varennes, Qc, Canada). He is an internationally recognized expert in the inter-related fields of laser/plasma based synthesis, modification,   ... (Read more) 

Abstract: The unique combination of highly attractive optoelectronic properties of single-wall Carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) makes them the most appropriate nanomaterial for photovoltaic applications. Before discussing the effective integration of SWCNTs into PV devices, we will briefly recall some of our work on their synthesis by means of the KrF  ... (Read more)

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